Thanks Wayne and Ty

ncb_g_lawson_ellington_576As expected, North Carolina junior guards Wayne Ellington and Tywon Lawson have declared for the NBA draft in the wake of the Tar Heels’ NCAA championship earlier this month.

Wayne Ellington summed it up best, saying “There’s no better way to end it than the way we did.” Continue reading


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2009: Yet Another North Carolina Title

missusax-largeMiss North Carolina USA, Kristen Dalton, has been crowned Miss USA.

Dalton, a 21 year-old from Wilmington, beat out runners-up from California and Arizona to win the title.

No word if the depressed economy in California or the tumbled real estate market in Arizona would have been affected by a title by their state’s respective beauty queens.  Once again, however, a North Carolina juggernaut crushes the hopes of a state with a rotten economic situation.


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This guy goes here, and then BOOM, this guy retires!

WL005170John Madden has called it quits after a 30-year broadcasting career.  For football fans of my generation, Madden and Pat Summerall were the NFL.

I mean, Al Michaels is one of the all-time best  (and he and Madden are great together), but Summerall’s measured baritone and Madden’s emphatic analysis are part of the soundtrack of my teens and 20s.

Much has been made of Madden’s everyman approach, and I think that’s part of what is endearing.  You may not like his analysis or his style, but you can’t help but like Madden the guy.  He never considered himself a superstar above the masses, even in 10 years as an NFL head coach or his 30 years in the broadcast booth.

Like most announcers who are into their 70s, I thought Madden was slipping over the past few years.  But at least he had the good sense to realize that it was time to go, and in doing so he goes out on top.

Congrats, John.  Enjoy being a husband and grandfather.  Sundays in the fall will never sound the same.

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Goldberg: Avoid “Obama Derangement Syndrome”

Former CBS newsman Bernard Goldberg continues to be a beacon of common sense for the American right as he warned conservatives to stay away from the obsessive behavior that dominated the left during the Bush Administration. Continue reading

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Village Idiot Update – J.A. Adande

In cleaning up some things from the old blog over here, I thought I would do a follow-up on the first Village Idiot™ Award, ESPN’s J.A. Adande.

I haven’t thought much about old J.A. since he mainly covers the NBA for the World Wide Leader and I simply don’t follow the NBA much, but with the onset of the NBA playoffs and the upcoming summer schedule for Pardon the Interruption, I am guessing I will have to deal with him very soon. Continue reading

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The Helms Conundrum

I’m from North Carolina, and I have a Helms issue – and for once, I’m not talking about Jesse… Continue reading


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Nothing could be finer…

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels, your 2009 NCAA Champions… Continue reading

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